The Challenge of Short Runs

The short runs in label printing are today more the rule than the exception. This focus has been the largest driver in technical innovation and development during the last decade.

Since the late 1990s, Nilpeter has offered short run solutions to face this challenge. Our latest digital introduction is the PANORAMA, which both works as a stand-alone UV-InkJet press and in combination with conventional converting and printing inline.

The short runs increase the demand even more for fast and effective job-changes. What may seem as minor changes in ways of collaboration, organisation, and workflow structuring, could allow a printer to reduce his setup time with as much as 75%.         

The Innovative Solutions

Our conventional product programme of Flexo and Offset presses; FB-Line, FA-Line, and MO-Line, has undergone tremendous innovative changes with focus on reducing setup time and waste. These innovative solutions for smarter presses will reduce time between processes and minimise the downtime before start-ups. Nilpeter’s quick-change printing tooling, register systems, quick-change die systems, Drop-In printing and converting technologies have all been invented with this aim in focus. Nilpeter’s LEAN trolleys for smart handling of printing and converting tools are designed as the link between processes off the press and full utilisation of all the waste-reducing functionalities on the press.


However important the presses and other equipment are in becoming lean in your production, the organisation around the equipment is also pivotal. The staffing is of paramount importance. Nilpeter excels in training and motivation of your staff. A visit to our Technology Centers will bring you nearer to the PITSTOP philosophy.


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